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Luther with blue jacket (The Umbrella Academy)

An impressive physique

Luther is portrayed here as we see him in the first episodes of season two with the clothes he wears as a club bouncer. He is wearing gray pants with black shoes. On top, he wears a short blue jacket in the fashion of the 60s. Finally, his fists are clenched and he is wearing black mittens. On the head, we find his blond hair cut very short as well as a goatee and a light beard.

A new job

Luther is one of the heroes of The Umbrella Academy series. Like his adopted brothers and sisters, he has a super power, in his case it is super strength. This is further enhanced by the fact that he was injected with a serum to save him that added monkey DNA to his body, which made him even stronger but also hairier. At the beginning of season two, he is sent to the 60’s with his siblings but is separated from them. In order to survive and make a living, he takes advantage of his impressive physique and becomes a bouncer at a club and then a gangster’s personal bodyguard. Everything changes when Number Five finds him and tells him that they have to avoid a new apocalypse that is now just days away. The family reunites to try to prevent this, but in the meantime, The Handler, one of the time continuity leaders, tries to stop them.


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