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Number Five with axe (The Umbrella Academy)

The big time

Number Five is shown here in the scene where he goes to a meeting of the Time Commission Council to kill them all. He is wearing his usual schoolboy costume from the academy his father created. It’s shorts with a blue blazer and a plaid vest worn over a white shirt and black tie. He also wears small black shoes with high socks and at the level of the head, his brown hair is slightly dishevelled. Finally, he holds an axe in both hands.

An Older Young Man

Number Five is one of the seven super-powered siblings in The Umbrella Academy series. They were all adopted at birth for the strange circumstances of their birth because their adoptive father hoped they would have supernatural abilities. This was indeed the case and he made them an academy of young superheroes. But years later, when their father died, the children grew up and things were not as they had been. Number Five had disappeared when he was fifteen and everyone thought he had gotten lost using his time and space travel powers. In fact, he had been in an apocalyptic future for over 30 years before being recruited by the Time Commission. He used the means of this commission to go back and warn his family and try to convince them to stop the apocalypse. His journey made him look like a fifteen year old, making him the oldest brother but the youngest looking. In season two, after escaping into the past without being able to stop the apocalypse, Number Five must once again try to reunite his siblings to prevent another apocalypse in the 1960s, and he’s willing to do anything to do so.


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