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Ben (The Umbrella Academy)

A terrifying spectre

Ben is represented here in the last episode when he manages to regain human form through his brother and to use his power through him. He appears as a kind of blue spectrum, slightly transparent but still very tangible. He wears pants with a hoodie and a black leather jacket (although it appears blue here). He stands with clenched fists and four transparent snakes protrude from his chest. At the head, his hair is styled back in a very clean and wise way.

Still present though

Ben is one of the heroes of The Umbrella Academy series, adapted from the comics of the same name. He is one of seven children adopted by Reginald Hargreeves because their mother gave birth to them without being pregnant. Like his siblings, he quickly demonstrated supernatural powers. In his case, he can make four kinds of giant snakes come out of his belly. Their adoptive father created the Umbrella Academy and trained the children to become superheroes. It worked for a while, but the children took turns leaving home, their father being a tough and unloving man. Ben died when he was about twenty years old and that precipitated the departure of almost all the others. But he remained present in some way thanks to Klaus whose power is to see the dead. But this power is terrifying for him, so he is drugged most of the time to avoid it. But when their father dies and Number Five, one of their brothers, comes back from the future and tells them that the apocalypse will happen in a few days, Klaus decides to give sobriety a chance. Ben will then become more and more present and we will realize that Klaus’s power goes far beyond simply communicating with the dead


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