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Ben Glows In The Dark (The Umbrella Academy)

A mystical power

Ben is represented here in a glows in the dark version. That is to say that he glows in the dark. Like the other version of the character, he is represented as a blue ghost using his power like in the last episode of season one. He wears simple pants with a leather jacket over a hoodie. He stands with clenched fists and four kinds of snakes come out of his stomach to attack his enemies. At the level of the head, his hair is simply styled backwards.

The Family Ghost

Ben is the ghost of the Hargreeves family in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Like his adopted siblings, he was born to a mother who was not pregnant hours before his birth and had a supernatural power. This was the reason for their adoption by Reginald Hargreeves, who created the Umbrella Academy to turn his children into a troupe of superheroes. But Number Five disappeared when they were fifteen and Ben died a little later during one of their missions. After that, the children left home one by one and did not return until their fathers’ funerals. That’s when Ben made his return. His brother Klaus has the power to see the dead but is constantly drugged or drunk to avoid this. But unusual circumstances force Klaus to be sober for a while and Ben takes the opportunity to try to communicate with him, to push him to do something with his life. This is amplified when Number Five also returns and announces that he has traveled through time and discovered that the apocalypse will happen in the next few days. Klaus becomes more and more sober and Ben realizes that this gives him the ability to physically affect his brother. In the last episode, this will even give Ben the possibility to use his power on all the others through his brother


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