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Peely (Fortnite)

A funny skin

As its name suggests, the Peely skin, represents a character wearing a banana costume. This one is yellow with the skin just starting to be peeled off at the top and a simple face drawn on it. He also has two human arms and legs of the same yellow color with brown patches on his elbows and knees and he waves with his right hand.


A skin that has the banana

Peely is an epic type skin in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Like all other skins, it allows players to customize their appearance in the game. The Peely skin is obtained after completing tier 47 of the eighth season of Battle Pass. It is part of the Banana Bunch set which also contains the Peely Pickaxe. This skin has the particularity to be evolutionary. Indeed, it is green when the player obtains it and matures to become yellow.


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