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Prince Eric (La Petite Sir?ne)

A sailor

Eric is shown here wearing the outfit he wears on the boat at the beginning of the film. He is wearing short blue pants with lighter lapels and big black boots. He is also wearing a white tunic with a red belt. He stands with one hand on his hip and a long sight in the other. Finally his voluminous black hair is styled in a very clean way as in the cartoon.


A charming prince

Prince Eric is the prince that Ariel falls in love with in the famous Disney cartoon The Little Mermaid. Ariel is a mermaid and the youngest daughter of King Triton of the people under the sea. One day, during a storm, Prince Eric falls off his boat and Ariel swims to his rescue. Ariel was already fascinated by everything from the world of men, but when she saw Eric, she immediately fell in love. But being a mermaid, she can’t stay on the beach and must quickly go back underwater. When he wakes up, Eric is disturbed but he is ready to do anything to find the mysterious young woman who saved him. Some time later, he finds a young woman on the beach, she seems lost and mute. He decides to take her in his palace, to shelter her and to give her clothes. And despite their inability to speak together, they become attached to each other. It turns out that it was Ariel who traded her legs for her voice thanks to the witch Ursula. She could keep the legs and get her voice back as long as Eric falls in love with her. It seems that this is what happens but the sea witch will do everything to prevent this and, instead, make Ariel her prisoner.


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