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Princess Kenny (South Park)

A funny princess

Kenny is represented here with his princess outfit. He wears a white and purple dress with golden elements drawn on it and reminds a bit of Princess Zelda’s style but in a low-end version. He also wears white gloves. On top, Kenny still wears that orange hood very tightly around his face and over it, he wears a blonde wig styled in two pigtails and a golden crown.


A traitorous princess

Princess Kenny is a version of the character Kenny that we meet in the season seventeen of the series South Park, more particularly in the trilogy of episodes Black Friday. Kenny was originally part of the X-Box One support group under the name Lady McKormick. But King Cartman didn’t want to leave him a princess, so he decided to betray to create the PS4 support group. We also find Princess Kenny in the video game South Park, The Stick of Truth where, logically, he is first one of the playable characters before becoming one of the enemies.


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