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Prison Break Rick (Rick and Morty)

A prison break

Rick is thus represented here escaping from prison. He is wearing an explosive vest attached to his torso as well as an all black outfit and brown boots. As always we find his gray hair in spikes as well as this famous characteristic unibrow. Finally, in his right hand, he holds a laser rifle that allows him to make his way to escape.


Improbable adventures

Rick is one of the two main characters of the adult series Rick and Morty. Parodying Back to the Future, this series features Rick, an alcoholic and very immoral genius scientist and his grandson that he takes on many adventures in time, space and especially dimensions. Precisely, in one of his many dimensions where he always meets new versions of himself, Rick finds himself in prison because he is accused of having killed many other versions of himself, which is of course false, the culprit being in fact an evil version of Morty.


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