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Pusheen (Pusheen)

A cute little animal

Pusheen is represented here in his basic form but standing on his hind legs. But being very chubby, his legs only stick out a little and he actually looks like he is sitting on his hind legs with his front legs up. His body is light grey and his minimalist and smiling face is drawn on the top. There are just two whiskers on each side as well as the stripes on the top of his head and his small triangular pointed ears. His tabby tail is pulled forward.


A funny little cat

Pusheen is a character from an illustration blog Everyday Cute” where the author posted a daily strip featuring her cat Pusheen as well as her other animals, the kitten Stormy or the dog Care in simple but always very cute little stories. Pusheen has become a star on the internet with all the emoticons inspired by him on Facebook and the many derivative products, figurines, plush and others. Some of Pusheen’s adventures are more elaborate and represent him as a dinosaur, a dragon, a mermaid or even a unicorn, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s cute.


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