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Pusheen with Heart (Pusheen)

A cat full of love

Funko has represented Pusheen here with his gray body with a very simple shape from which only his small pointed ears, his whiskers and his paws in the shape of small balls protrude. He holds a pink heart in his front paws and we can see that his cheeks are pink to give him a shy look.


Adorable kitten

Pusheen is the heroine of the illustration blog created in 2010, Everyday Cute. This one tells the adventures of Pusheen (which means kitten in Irish), the illustrator’s cat. At the beginning, they are simple little strips telling his everyday life but his naive, colorful and very cute style quickly seduces and we quickly find the little grey cat in more complex adventures where he has to fight against the other cat of the house, or the dog. He even happens to be a dragon, a unicorn or a mermaid. But above all, Pusheen is a cute little cat full of love who proves it in every possible way.


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