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Pusheen with Pizza (Pusheen)

A greedy kitten

Funko has represented here Pusheen one of his favorite food, a piece of pizza. We find his simple elongated shape encompassing his whole body and ending just with two small pointed ears. His paws are two little balls holding a slice of pizza represented in the minimalist style of the character and he is winking. Finally, we still find his two little whiskers on each side of his face.


The kitten with the crazy adventures

Pusheen is the adorable little grey cat hero of the illustration blog Everyday Cute. It tells the adventures of a little grey tabby cat belonging to the creator of the blog, Pusheen simply meaning kitten in Irish. In these simple little strips, Pusheen does all sorts of things that a house cat does, fighting with the dog or the other cat, going in search of food or sleeping, but he also has more crazy adventures as a dragon or a mermaid. This little character had a dazzling success that gave him the right to many derivative products, stationery, figurines, plush and many others.


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