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Dragonsheen (Pusheen)

A pink egg

Pusheen is represented here as a dragon. He is standing on his short back legs and holding a pink egg with his front legs which are also short, almost round in fact. His tail is a bit more pointed than usual like a dragon and above all, he has bat wings spread on his back and whose thinnest part is pink. We find as always his simple little face but this time with an angry look, frowned eyebrows and two small pink horns on the sides with his usual small stripes between them.


A not so terrifying dragon

Pusheen is a fictional cat character from the American illustration blog of the same name. The creator of the blog featured her big, chubby tabby cat Pusheen in cute, simple strips. With the growing success of her blog, she started to create more elaborate stories by including her other animals, the dog Care or the kitten Stormy and by creating different versions of Pusheen as a unicorn, a mermaid or even, as in this version, as a dragon.


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