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Pusheenicorn (Pusheen)

A chalicorn

Pusheen is thus represented here in his form of Pusheenicorn. We find his usual shape a little rectangular with rounded edges with two small ball-shaped legs and two pointed ears. He also has three small stripes on the top of the head and two on the back and a simple and minimalist smiling face. Finally, he has a unicorn horn on the top of his head, a rainbow colored tail and a mane of the same color.


The most famous cat

Pusheen is a character born on an illustration blog in 2010. It is a female cat inspired by the cat of the owner of this one and whose name means kitten in Irish. Pusheen is the heroine of small comic strips featuring her in very cute adventures, especially with the dog of the house or the other cat. Pusheen has often been represented in different roles like a dinosaur cat or a unicorn cat. Pusheen was very popular very quickly and was transformed into emoticons on Facebook and then in all forms of derivatives.


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