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Raditz (Dragon Ball Z)

An inimitable look

Raditz is of course represented with his space gladiator look, almost bare legs and arms with this kind of multi-panel skirt, these brown and blue leather boots and this matching armor at the torso and shoulders. His hand is in front and he is clearly using his Saiyan powers. At the head level, we find his black hair styled in point on the top of the head and very long at the back like a mule.


The bearer of a new destiny

Raditz is the Saiyan brother of Goku in the Dragon Ball Z animated series and one of the main villains of the series from this point on. He is the one who will teach Son Goku that he is not human but in fact a Saiyan, a race of very powerful alien warriors, sent to Earth at his birth. Raditz and Vegeta were planning to annex a planet to sell it but the population rebelled and Raditz thought of his younger brother to help them. But of course, Goku won’t see it that way, refusing to use his power in this way and the two brothers will quickly become enemies.


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