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Reaper Halloween (Overwatch)

The Halloween Killer

For this exclusive figure, Funko has depicted him with his skin released at Halloween time. First, his skull mask is replaced by a pumpkin head. He wears as always a long cape but this one has an older look as it is made of leather and he holds pistols decorated with pumpkins instead of his usual pistols. Finally, he wears big silver metal boots with orange accents. And for an even spookier touch, the figure glows in the dark.


A mysterious assassin

Reaper is one of the mysterious playable characters in the online video game Overwatch. He is a mercenary with no mercy whatsoever who efficiently kills his targets and leaves them in a spine-chilling state. He has also been seen on many battlefields around the world and few people cross his path and come out alive. He is said to be the result of a genetic experiment that has left him in a state where his cells are perpetually decaying and regenerating. This means that it is almost indestructible but it also needs a lot of energy. The fact that he is never seen without his helmet adds to the mystery.


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