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Reaper white (Overwatch)

The White Death

For this figure exclusive to the Blizzard store, Funko decided to represent Reaper with the white version of his costume. We find this white costume quite simple with several belts containing ammunition for his weapons and covered with this famous long hooded coat. At the head level, his mask evoking a skull is for the occasion metallic grey instead of his usual white/beige color.


Death incarnate

Reaper, whose real name is Gabriel Reyes, is one of the most popular playable characters in the first-person shooter Overwatch, in which players must compete in teams of six to gain control of an arena. As a result of scientific experiments conducted on him, his body is both perpetually and rapidly decomposing and regenerating, so that even when he dies, he still remains a sort of black smoke. This attack character also has the ability to teleport and is in possession of powerful weapons as well as this famous skull mask armor.


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