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Reaper Wraith (Overwatch)

Like a ghost

Funko has represented him in his Reaper form for this new version of Reaper, a specific buff that he can apply to himself in the game and that makes him faster, invisible, intangible and almost invincible for as long as it takes. Reaper wears his usual all-black outfit with a hood and this white and silver skull mask that hides his whole face. He also holds his two famous guns with a steampunk look and all in a very dynamic posture. Finally, it is his coat that is different in this form, it is longer and becomes transparent downwards as if it turns into smoke.


The most mysterious hero

Reaper is one of the most mysterious playable characters in the online video game Overwatch. Unlike the others, we don’t know where he comes from, or even what his face looks like. All we know is that he is a mercenary with no mercy, who has been seen on fields all over the world on both sides. He doesn’t seem to have any allegiance to anyone, but we have noticed that he seems to hunt down former Overwatch agents wherever they are and kill them. Reaper’s victims always seem to be emptied of their substance and it is believed that he is always in a permanent state of decomposition and regeneration.


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