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Rex (Fortnite)

A dinosaur with a family resemblance

Rex was created as a reference to the costume of little Boo from Monsters and Company and is often called Reptar because of his resemblance to the Razmokets character, but he ultimately resembles Rex from Toy Story the most. It’s a costume in several shades of green with a head that encompasses the character’s head but still shows his face through his impressive mouth. There are also nice orange details on the horns and eyes.


An adorable costume

Rex is one of the many skins that players can buy in the online video game Fortnite and more specifically in its Battle Royale version. In this version of the game, players have to fight against each other in addition to having to fight zombies and collect food and equipment. The Rex skin is a legendary skin, which means that it is quite rare. But like most of the others, it can be purchased from the store, so you just have to be patient enough not to miss it when it appears.


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