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Rey casque (Star Wars)

Rey and her helmet

For this new version of Rey, she still wears the same outfit she wears throughout the movie. We find this sleeveless tunic as well as this grey pantacourt worn with brown wide boots. She also wears of course this strange double-breasted vest and the whole is maintained by a brown leather belt matching her bracelet on the left arm. But in this Game Stop store exclusive version, Rey is holding a small resistance pilot doll in her right hand and most importantly she is wearing the resistance helmet she found in one of the wrecks she explores at the beginning of the film. The details of the designs on it are very fine and make it a very nice figure to add to her collection.


Rey goes on a mission

Rey is one of the central characters of The Force Awakens, the first movie of the new Star Wars trilogy. Rey was left by her parents on Jakku, a desert planet, at a very young age. She had to learn to fend for herself and became a salvager. One day she crosses paths with the robot BB8 who carries a piece of the map that could lead the resistance to the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker. It is Poe Dameron, a resistance pilot, who entrusted her before being captured by the First Order. He manages to escape thanks to Finn, a rebel stormtrooper, but when they crash on the planet, Poe seems to be dead and Finn has to continue without him. He stumbles upon Rey and decides to help her. Together they will try to join the resistance to give them the map. We will also quickly realize that Rey also has the strength and that’s why she will join Luke Skywalker on the planet where he is exiled.


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