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RoadHog Junkenstein’s monster (Overwatch)


A dive into madness

RoadHog is one of the playable characters of the online video game Overwatch from Blizzard Studios. Living in the Australian outback at the time of the OmniWars, RoadHog has had part of his land taken from him by robots in order to maintain a fragile peace. With a group of inhabitants, they started to carry out terrorist actions to show their discontent and their will to recover their region. But this resulted in the explosion of an omnic generator that made the region unlivable. He survived, but gradually went mad from the radiation, which made him particularly violent. Today he travels the roads in search of the possibility of gratuitous violence in order to satisfy the rage that never leaves him. For this figure, Funko has represented this character with his special Halloween skin inspired by Frankenstein’s monster. Like this famous monster, his skin is green with rough seams in several places. He wears purple pants and big shoes with metal parts that remind the atmosphere of Frankenstein’s laboratory. He also wears a small brown jacket very short and at the level of the face, it would seem that Doctor Junkenstein really grafted a nose of pig to him. He is represented with his eyes empty and his arms in front of him in the style of Frankenstein’s monster.


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