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Sailor Moon et Luna (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon and her cat

Sailor Moon is very recognizable here with her blue, red and white outfit inspired by Japanese schoolgirls’ uniforms. We can see her big red bow and her little blue collar reminding the retro marine style. With that, she wears red boots and white gloves. At the level of the head, she wears her small golden crown and we recognize especially her long blond hair styled in two long high pigtails. Finally, she is of course accompanied by her magic cat Luna. We can see her pretty purple color and the crescent moon on her forehead.


The heroine of the series

Sailor Moon is the heroine of the mangas and the TV series Sailor Moon. They tell the story of a rather shy and awkward girl who is actually Sailor Moon, a heroine with magical powers. She fights evil alongside many allies, each under the protection of a planet in the solar system. Sailor Moon is the reincarnation of Princess Silver Millenium and is the warrior of love and justice. Although she is a lazy and whiny girl, she has a lot of courage and a big heart.


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