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Sally with basket (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

Sally brings the picnic

Funko has portrayed Sally holding a shopping basket in this new version of Sally. Of course, we find her blue/green skin with many rough seams on her arms, legs and faces. She is also wearing her patchwork dress with pink, blue, brown and yellow. Finally, we find her smiling face, the stitching and her long red woolen hair whose texture is nicely represented.

An adorable character

Sally is a little rag doll belonging to the evil scientist of the town of Halloween in the Disney cartoon The Nightmare Before Christmas. She regularly tries to escape but is always caught. One day Jack Skellington, the head of the Halloween festivities, is feeling melancholy without understanding why. Sally, who has been in love with him all her life, tries to make him understand that maybe he just doesn’t have enough love in his life.


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