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Sandy Claws with Candy (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

An anxious Santa Claus

Sandy Claws has been depicted here after he has been kidnapped by the children. He is wearing his usual long red coat with a black belt and white fur trim. On the head, he has lost his red hat and we can see that he has just a small puff of white hair on the top of his head. He has of course his long white beard on which several candies and lollipops are stuck and we can see from his panicked expression that it worries him a lot.

A new character

Sandy Claws is the name given to Santa Claus in the animated film Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas. At the beginning of the movie, Jack, a living skeleton and star of Halloween town, is not in the mood to work on Halloween preparations. So he heads off into the woods and discovers the Christmas village where everyone seems happy. He thinks that this could be the solution to his melancholy and so he decides to celebrate his own Christmas party. But this one not being used to the traditions, he is going to understand that his name is Sandy Claws instead of Santa Claus (The earwig instead of Santa Claus in French). In order to better understand the meaning of this holiday, several of the town’s children will kidnap poor Santa Claus who will find himself unable to do his job as planned.


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