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Scarlet Witch (Captain America Civil War)

A powerful ally of Steve Rogers

As in Avengers, we can see that Scarlett Witch has a predilection for red while adopting a more normal and practical style than the one, much more stripped, that she normally wears in the comics! So we find her black pants and boots. On top, she wears her famous red jacket longer in the back over what seems to be a kind of bustier. She wears as always red mittens and her nails are varnished in black to accentuate the look a little gothic character. Her hands are in the air as if she was ready to use her powers. On the head, her eyes are, as in the movie, surrounded by black far ? paupi?re and her brown hair is faithful to her haircut of the movie.


The Red Witch

Scarlett Witch is one of the main characters of the movie Captain America Civil War. She appears for the first time in Avengers 2. She and her twin, Quicksilver, are two young Russians who agreed to participate in experiments by Hydra to get their powers back. Scarlett Witch, whose real name is Wanda Maximoff, finds herself with telekinetic powers and the ability to influence people’s minds. Wishing to take revenge on Tony Stark, the maker of the bomb that destroyed her home and killed her parents when she was younger, she will initially side with the robot Ultron, the new enemy of the Avengers. But when she realizes that Ultron is planning to destroy all of humanity, she is finally convinced by Steve Rogers and decides to help the Avengers. In Captain America Civil War, the events of Avengers 2 will lead the government to want to file and regulate the activity of superheroes. They will also want to neutralize Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ childhood friend who was brainwashed to serve Hydra for years. The Avengers team will be split into two groups. Those who are against the law will follow Captain America and those who are on the side of the government will follow Iron Man. Not surprisingly, Scarlett Witch will of course follow Captain America


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