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Sentient Arm Morty (Rick and Morty)

An independent arm

Morty is thus represented here with his usual clothes: blue pants and a yellow t-shirt. But this last one is torn to leave room for the huge muscular arm making him unbeatable. At the head level, Morty has, as usual, a slightly depressed and worried expression, all represented in a style very faithful to the comic.


Morty becomes unbeatable

Morty is one of the two heroes of the famous animated series for adults Rick and Morty. In a season 3 episode, Rick takes his two grandchildren on an inter-dimensional adventure to a post-apocalyptic Mad Max version of Earth. In order to steal a valuable Isotope, Rick sends Morty into the Thunderdome to fight. To ensure his victory, he injects a serum into his arm that contains the muscle memory of another. But this arm also contains the real memory of the fighter and becomes independent, beating his opponents to death and also beating his grandfather.


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