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Sharon Carter (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier)

A dangerous ally

Sharon is represented here as we see her in the scene where she goes with Sam and Bucky to try to find the man who recreated the super-soldier serum. She is wearing black pants with big black combat boots. With that, she wears a gray sweatshirt and a blue mid-length jacket. She is shown in a fighting posture and holds a silver baton in her right hand. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her blond hair half-long.


A forgotten ally

Sharon Carter is the niece of the famous Peggy Carter, founder of SHIELD and Captain America’s great love. She became a SHIELD agent who watched over Steve Rogers in the movie Captain America and The Winter Soldier. When Steve Rogers came into conflict with Iron Man and decided not to follow the government’s orders, she decided to help him. Like all those who were allied with Steve Rogers, she found herself wanted by the government. But while everyone else received an official pardon for their part in fighting Thanos, Sharon did not. She found herself living off criminal activity on Madripoor Island, a sort of modern pirate island. Sam and Bucky go there in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to find the man who recreated the super-soldier serum and ask Sharon Carter for help. They learn that the serum had been ordered by the mysterious power broker” but was then stolen by the flagsmashers. We finally learn at the end of the season that Sharon Carter is the power broker. Disillusioned and disgusted to have not received the same forgiveness as the others, she invested 100% in her criminal activity. Sam Wilson, thanks to his role as Captain America, manages to obtain this pardon for her, but Sharon apparently intends to use it to facilitate her activity.


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