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Shenron gold (Dragon Ball Z)

The Golden Dragon

Funko has depicted Shenron in full gold for this super-sized and exclusive figure. We can see his Asian dragon appearance: a giant snake coiled on itself with two almost human arms near the head. This one has two kinds of horns looking like deer antlers on the top as well as numerous growths on the sides and this kind of long characteristic mustache. Shenron is sitting on the seven crystal balls that were used to summon him and on a nice base that keeps him steady.


The most powerful dragon

Shenron is one of the most powerful dragons in the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z, and also the first to appear. In this world, dragons are envoys of the Almighty and can only be summoned after a person has gathered the seven crystal balls. The person can then ask the dragon to grant a wish, which can go as far as the resurrection of a loved one, which Son Goku will do with his friend’s father. But once the wish is granted, the crystal balls turn into simple stones for a year before being usable again.


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