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Shirley Bennett (Community)

Jesus and the kitchen

Shirley is represented here cooking. She is wearing a black skirt and a brown, blue and white striped shirt and over it a white apron on which it is written he is risen” (a play on words for bread and for Jesus) with two crossed chopsticks forming a cross. She stands with one hand on her hip and holds a wooden spoon in the other. Finally, we find her brown skin on her face and her black hair is curled and pulled back.


A new life

Shirley Bennett is one of the heroines of the series Community. She is a mother who, after her husband cheated on her and left her, decides to go back to school to start a new life. If at the beginning, she is not sure of what she wants to do, she will quickly decide to use her cooking skills and take business classes to start her own restaurant business. She enrolled in a community college and found herself in a Spanish study group with six other students. Her very maternal side will often push her to act as a kind of mother for the younger students but the series will also have fun with her very religious side often pushed to the caricature.


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