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Skull Trooper (Fortnite)

Serious look

The Skull Trooper’s look consists of a black jumpsuit with boots and gloves on which the bones of the human body are drawn to recreate a full skeleton. On his head, he wears a white helmet and white and black makeup that recreates the appearance of a skeleton head. Finally, he holds in his hands his weapon of choice: a long scythe.


Death is back

The Skull Trooper is one of the most popular skins of the online video game Fortnite. Indeed, in this game where players have to survive a zombie invasion but also attacks from other players, their avatar is usually neutral and they can customize it with different skins. The Skull Trooper’s skins, either male or female, are available in the store during Halloween, as are some of the other themed skins, or can be earned by completing challenges.


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