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Snow White (Once Upon A Time)

Snow White meets the hunter

Snow White is represented here with the warrior/hunter style that she adopts from season 2 of the series once she has rediscovered her true identity. We can see this pants and tunic in beige and brown tones as well as the bow she holds in her hands. Her face is very simple but her hair has been reproduced in a meticulous way with two braids on each side of her face.


A central character

Snow White is one of the main characters of the famous television series based on fairy tales: Once Upon A Time. Before the evil queen’s spell that plunged all the fairy tale characters into a world without magic, Snow White was married to Charming and had just had a baby: Emma Swan. At the beginning of the series, she doesn’t remember her identity and is a schoolteacher in Storybrook, Maine.


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