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Snow White Ultimate (Blanche-Neige Et Les Sept Nains)

Snow White and her team

Funko has depicted her on a base representing the wooden floor of the dwarves’ house for this ultimate version of Snow White. She wears her famous dress with the yellow bottom and the dark blue and red bustier with small shoes with heels. On the head, we find her very pale skin and her black hair in the fashion of the 30s when the film was made. She also wears a red bow in her hair. She is surrounded by several of the animals helping her with the dishes, a small brown rabbit and a turtle carrying a pile of cups on its back. Finally, she is holding a pie that she has just made.


The first Disney princess

Snow White is the heroine of the first Disney Studios feature film based on the famous Grimm fairy tale. Snow White is the beautiful daughter of the queen, a very beautiful but vain woman who feels endangered by her beauty. Every day, she asks her magic mirror who is the most beautiful and the day that the mirror tells her that Snow White has become the most beautiful, the queen, mad with rage, sends a hunter to kill her. But the hunter has pity on the girl and she flees into the forest. She finds a small house and takes refuge there. In this house, seven dwarves working in the mine live. They accept to welcome the young girl who brings joy and good mood in the house. But the evil queen eventually learns that Snow White is not dead and turns into an old lady to come and give Snow White a poisoned apple.


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