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Sora Dual Blasters (Kingdom Hearts)

Improved weapons

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented Sora with the two fireball throwing guns that we could see in the first trailer of the video game. He wears the famous Kingdom Hearts style outfit with those puffy pants and those big round-toed shoes. He wears a matching jacket with visible zippers and some kind of mittens. Finally he holds a blaster in each hand that he points in opposite directions. On the head, his face is simple but we can see his brown hair in spikes and just a little bit shorter than in the first episodes.


New skills

Sora is the famous hero of the video game Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix studios. Their particularity is to have created an original world that mixes with many Disney universes. In the first opus, Sora’s island was attacked by the Heartless, these dark creatures having lost their heart to darkness and trying to drag all the humans they meet with them. In this first opus, Sora met Donald and Goofy who became great friends and helped him in his quest to save his island. They followed him in all his adventures and are of course back in Kingdom Hearts 3. In this new episode, the forces of darkness seem to be even more powerful and Sora will have to redouble his efforts in order to fight them.


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