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Sparkle Specialist (Fortnite)

The disco killer

This skin is part of the Fortnite Fever set, a set of very glittery and disco-inspired skins and items. This female skin wears silver pants with pink stripes and matching boots. She also wears a black tank top and pink gloves with white stars on them. At the head level, she has black hair tied in a ponytail as well as a blue streak and a fluorescent pink makeup on the eyelids.


A disco skin

Sparkle Specialist is the name of one of the skins available in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is obtained as a reward at level 56 of the second season of Battle Pass. Indeed in this game, the characters that players play have a very standard appearance at first and then they have to buy or earn skins if they want to customize their character. But they can also get new weapons or items that will allow them to defend themselves against zombies or other players, or even to find resources to survive.


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