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Spiderman 2099 (Spiderman 2099)

A darker Spiderman

For this exclusive figure, Miguel is represented here in his Spiderman outfit. It’s a dark blue skin-tight jumpsuit that appears to be in one piece. Red patterns surround the eyes and there is a more menacing spider symbol on the torso. He also has red spikes on his arms and transparent white membranes creating a sort of wings.


An alternative Spiderman

Spiderman 2099 is a comic book character from Marvel editions inspired by the original character of Spiderman. His adventures take place in the future on an alternative planet Earth, Earth-928 and after the end of the Age of Heroes”. His real name is Miguel and he grows up in a school for gifted people, formerly the headquarters of the X-Men, and becomes a scientist for the mysterious company Alchemax. But after he resigned because he didn’t approve of Alchemax’s practices, the boss took revenge by injecting him with the drug Rapture which would make him addicted for life and force him to work for Alchemax since they were the only ones to produce it. Miguel then tries a complete reboot of his system but it fails because of an Alchemax employee who interrupts him and he ends up with the formidable spider powers of the old hero whose genes Alchemax was experimenting on.


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