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Squanchy (Rick and Morty)

A funny cat

On this figurine, we find Squanchy’s brown and beige fur and of course, he stands on his hind legs like a man. He also wears a bow tie and holds a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag in his right hand. On the head, we find his funny ruffled coat, his blue nose and this annoyed expression. We can also recognize his funny wavy moustache and this big lock on the top of his head.


A depraved cat

Squanchy is a recurring character in the adult cartoon Rick and Morty. We don’t really know his species nor his origin but Squanchy is a kind of anthropomorphic cat and we could discover in an episode that if he absorbs a substance present in his teeth when he breaks them, he can then transform into a green, giant version of himself with superhuman strength. He is particularly close to Rick, Morty’s grandfather, sharing with him his taste for alcohol, his dubious moral sense and his depraved side.


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