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Stan Lee (Thor Ragnarok)

A memorable style

Like all the other inhabitants of this planet, Stan Lee wears a very original outfit here. He wears a kind of red tunic with metallic elements on the waist and on the shoulders that support a strange structure behind his head. As always, he wears red sunglasses and we find his big white moustache. Finally, one of his hands is replaced by a strange tool with multiple functions which he uses to cut Thor’s hair.


A guest of choice

Stan Lee is the famous creator of many superheroes and was the art director of the Marvel comics publishing house for many years. He has also made a cameo appearance in each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films released over the past 15 years. In Thor Ragnarok, we find him on the planet of the GrandMaster where Thor is a prisoner after being defeated by Hela and has no choice but to fight as a gladiator. Stan Lee plays the role of the hairdresser who cuts Thor’s hair very short against his will.


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