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Star Lord chase (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

Star Lord and his famous helmet

Funko chose to represent him with this famous helmet which allows him to breathe in space. He still wears these red pants with high black boots with particularly well rendered details as well as a blue t-shirt and a red leather jacket. In his hands, he holds a pistol on each side and so at the level of the head, we can see this famous metallic mask covering completely his face and allowing him to breathe in space as well as his brown hair sticking out a little on the top.


Star Lord is back

After saving a planet from destruction by fighting Ronan with his motley crew of friends, Star Lord is back in a new adventure. After learning at the end of the first movie that his father was not human as he thought but of an unknown species, he finds himself face to face with him while the band was trying to escape from adversaries. His ship manages to destroy his opponents and he introduces himself to Star Lord, whose real name is Peter Quill, as Ego and has been looking for him for years. As he accompanies him to his planet, Peter realizes that Ego is not a man but a celestial being and that his human body is only a means of communicating with Peter and that he is in fact the entire planet. Unfortunately, something seems to be wrong and Peter will end up realizing that Ego only makes children to feed on their energy in order to keep the planet intact.


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