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Stygimoloch (Jurassic World Fallen World)

An adorable dinosaur

As we already saw in the first film and perhaps because he is in fact the juvenile form of a larger dinosaur, Stiggy has a very cute appearance. His body is close in shape to that of the velociraptors with powerful back legs and short but agile legs. On the head, we find the rows of small spikes on the front of the head as well as the more impressive horns at the back of the head. The red, brown and beige color gradations are very nicely reproduced making this a very successful figurine.


An endangered species

The stygimoloch is a race of relatively small dinosaurs having survived on the island of Isla Nublar, the famous island of the site B of the Jurassic Park project of the first saga. While they have been living in relative peace for some time, their survival is now threatened by the eruption of a volcano. In the next installment of Jurassic World, Stiggy, one of these little dinosaurs in particular will play an important and heroic role just like some of Owen Grady’s velociraptors in the first film.


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