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Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

The ultimate form

Goku is represented here in his ultimate form, which he can reach only with a lot of work, concentration and a maximum of rage against very powerful enemies. He is still wearing his orange kimono with blue boots and belt and we can recognize the turquoise color of his eyes and hair under this famous Super Saiyan God form. We can see that his fists are also clenched to show his concentration. A must-have figure for collectors.


The most powerful hero

Goku is the hero of the mangas and anime Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Child in the first series, we discover him as an adult and married to Chichi in the second. At the beginning of this series, he learns that he is not only a man gifted in martial arts but one of the last descendants of a race of super powerful alien warriors and this will of course create many new enemies. But he will also be reunited with a brother he didn’t know and will develop his powers in a spectacular way.


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