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Super Saiyan Goku first appearance (Dragon Ball Z)

New powers

Goku is represented here having just mastered his super saiyan technique for the first time. He is wearing orange pants with a kind of blue tank top and both are partly torn because of the fight. With that, he wears blue boots with a yellow line and a red bow on top. Yellow flames start from his feet and go up almost to his shoulders behind him. Finally, at the head level, we find his yellow hair when it is usually black and spiky on top of his head. His eyes are turquoise and he has an angry expression.


The most famous saiyan

Goku is the central character of the anime series and the manga Dragon Ball Z. We discover him at the beginning of the series as a child. He has great predispositions for martial arts and for this reason, he will be trained by master Roshi. He will become very talented and fight all kinds of enemies. But in the second part of the anime, as he grew up and is now married with two children, he discovers that he is in fact one of the last members of a race of very powerful alien warriors. He then learns to master ultra-powerful fighting techniques, which will be very useful to fight his new enemies who are also at the height of his new abilities.


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