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Superman Holiday Sweater (DC Comics)

A Funny Santa

For this series of Christmas-themed figures, Funko decided to represent Superman with a Santa outfit that he is opening like Clark Kent does all the time when he changes into Superman. Except instead of the Superman costume, he’s wearing a Christmas sweater in Superman colors under his Santa suit. The costume is red with white fur trim and he wears it with black boots, red gloves and a big black belt. We can recognize his black hair and the little retro streak that falls in front of his forehead as well as his typical way of looking towards the horizon.


The most famous hero

Superman is one of the most famous superheroes of the DC Comics publishing house. His real name is Clark Kent and he arrived on Earth as a baby and was found by the Kents who decided to adopt him. Very quickly, they realized that he was not a child like the others. Indeed, later he learned that his name was actually Kal’el and that he came from the planet Krypton. And being on Earth gives him almost unlimited powers that he doesn’t have on his home planet. He can fly, has laser beams in his eyes and is very fast and strong. When he becomes a reporter in the city of Metropolis, he also decides to take on the secret identity of Superman to protect the city.


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