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Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia)

A disturbing power

Funko has him here in his superhero costume using his alter. He is wearing a blue and purple costume with gold straps on his arms and torso and a large scarf. On the head, he wears this transparent purple mask over his eyes and his purple hair falls in strands on his forehead. Finally, we can see that one of his hands is transformed into an octopus, the other into a clam. One of his feet is a chicken leg and he has a wing on his back.


A brilliant student

Tamaki Amajiki is a senior student of Yuei High School for superheroes in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia. He is a particularly bright student, considered one of the top three in his class. Despite this, he remains very shy and does not have much confidence in himself and his abilities. He is quickly intimidated when surrounded by people and may tend to put his head against the wall when he doesn’t want to meet the gaze of others. His alter allows him to absorb the physical abilities of the things they eat as long as they are still in his stomach. This can be anything, even non-food, as long as it is in his stomach and he can swallow it.


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