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The Gentlemen (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Real gentlemen

If the gentlemen are so terrifying, it is also because they are not overly monstrous. They are above all humanoids and their inhumanity is especially marked on their face. Funko has understood this since they have chosen to deviate from the usual black-eyed and mouthless faces of pop figures. So we find this big frozen smile, their red eyes, the bones of the skull as well as the area of the prominent eyebrows reminding a little the physique of the vampires. But if we call them gentlemen it is also because they look like English gentlemen with their perfectly cut black suits. Finally, they also have exaggeratedly elegant manners, which was of course noticed by the creators of the figurine who finely transcribed it in the position of the hands of the characters.

The Voice Thieves

The gentlemen are creatures from one of the most famous episodes of the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Hush (season 4). At the beginning of the episode, the gentlemen arrive in Sunnydale during the night and imprison the voices of all the inhabitants in boxes. This makes it a silent episode (except for a few minutes at the beginning and at the end) and one of the most original and successful of the series. Giles will discover that they are fairy tale villains who take advantage of their victims’ inability to scream to rip out their hearts. Like the princess in the fairy tale, Buffy will have to find the box where the voices are locked, open it to find her own and scream to kill these terrifying creatures. If the special effects were not always successful for the monsters of the series, these are particularly convincing. With their big frozen smile, their gentlemanly” ways and the way they move while floating, they are enough to give nightmares. Moreover, they are accompanied by creatures in straitjackets moving like zombies, adding to the nightmarish atmosphere.


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