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The Mountain (Game Of Thrones)

Gregor Clegane’s training

The uniqueness of this character is that he has been played by three different actors over the course of the series. For this figurine, Funko has taken as a model the last one to date, namely the imposing Icelandic actor Hafthor Bj?rnsson. Contrary to what one might have expected, they did not portray him during his famous fight with Oberyn but shortly before, while he is training for it. As in this scene, he is not in full armor but wears simple pants, black boots and simple leather armor to protect his wrists. Funko has of course represented the impressive musculature of his torso and shoulders, accentuated by the impressive sword that he holds in his hand. On the face, we can recognize his beard, his moustache and the particular layout of his hair. Exceptionally, Funko has added volume to the eyebrows to add to the menacing side of his look, which works particularly well.


The mountain in the service of the Lannisters

Gregor Clegane is a character from the series Game Of Thrones and the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire” by George Martin. Although he is often mentioned, the character appears very little in the novels as in the series and no chapter is written from his point of view. The Clegane family was originally a modest family in the service of the Lannisters, elevated to the nobility for their services to them. Gregor, nicknamed the Mountain for his impressive physique, first appeared in season 1 when he narrowly lost a tournament to the much more frail Loras Tyrell. In anger, he then decapitates his horse with a single sword stroke. This scene immediately introduces the character, of unparalleled violence and cruelty. He earned his reputation by fighting for the Lannisters and by executing the worst missions that were entrusted to him without a qualm. We will learn that he massacred and raped Elia of Dorne, wife of the Targaryen crown prince, as well as his two young children. His relations with his family are not very good either since we learn that when they were children, he burned the face of his brother Sandor for having taken one of his toys. At the end of season 4, he fights Oberyn, Elia’s brother. He wins the fight, but not before being wounded by Oberyn’s deadly poison-coated spear.


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