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Tim The Enchanter (Monty Python And The Holy Grail)

A strange enchanter

As in the film, he is of course wearing his long black robe with red lining closed by a beige belt. In his right hand, he holds a wooden wizard’s staff. At the level of the head, he wears his strange black hood from which his long horns of goat are nicely reproduced. On his face, we find of course his long gray beard and his matching eyebrows. Finally, he is of course accompanied by the white rabbit of Caerbannog.


The Enchanter and the Caerbannog Rabbit

Tim the Enchanter is an important character in the movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail. This film is directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones and is more a succession of sketches in the manner of the famous comedy troupe rather than a film in its own right. It tells the Arthurian legend and in particular the quest for the Grail. At one point, Arthur and the knights are confronted by an enchanter who shows them the direction of a cellar where the location of the Grail is written. But to get there they must defeat the Caerbannog rabbit which, although it seems harmless at first, is in fact carnivorous and very aggressive.


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