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Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

An impressive appearance

Todoroki is represented here with his blue and white superhero outfit and in full combat. On the right his short hair is white and his body is partly covered with ice. On the left, however, we can see his red hair partially hiding the burn around his bright blue eye. Despite his reluctance to use it, we can see fire hanging from his hair, arms and the rest of his body.


A powerful hero

Shoto Todoroki is one of the important characters of the manga My Hero Academia and is one of the students of the Yuei high school where he studies to become a superhero, like his father. Todoroki has the particularity to have two distinct and opposite powers, the one of ice and the one of fire that he swore never to use because it reminds him too much of his father’s and what he did to him and his mother. Todoroki has a rather cold personality which ends up improving with time.


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