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Tokio (La Casa De Papel)

A robberess who has styleTokio is of course represented here with the red suit that all robbers and hostages wear (to make them more easily undetectable to the police. With that, she wears big black boots and we can see her grey t-shirt and the necklace around her neck. At the level of the head, we find her brown hair cut to the square with a very characteristic fringe. Finally, she holds in her hands a machine gun like all the other robbers.


A bank robber with nothing to lose

Tokio is one of the main characters of the Spanish series La Casa De Papel who is also the narrator. She is recruited at the beginning of the series with seven other criminals for a high-profile heist. She was recruited like all the others because she has nothing to lose. Indeed, at the beginning of the series, she is on the run for a robbery that went wrong where she ended up killing a security guard and saw the man of her life die. The professor, the organizer of the robbery, recruits her as she is about to be arrested. The idea is to rob the mint where the money is made. They are going to lock themselves up for twelve days with 67 hostages and print more than 2 billion of their own untraceable banknotes before fleeing on their own. They must know as much as possible about each other and so they all choose pseudonyms, one city each. We will learn the real name of some of them as the story progresses.


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