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Tomatohead (Fortnite)

For pizza lovers

Tomatohead is in fact a character inspired by the pizza universe in general. Indeed, he wears a green suit with an orange and white striped tank top on which is drawn a slice of Hawaiian pizza. In his hands, he holds his weapon, a very large pizza wheel. Finally, at the level of the head as its name indicates it, his head has a red tomato shape with a big smile and a mustache. He also has of course a big leaf on top of his head.


A skin always more crazy

Tomatohead is one of the many skins that players can buy on the store of the famous online game Fortnite Battle Royale. Indeed, the basic appearance of the characters created by players is always basic but players have the opportunity to customize it as they go along by purchasing skins, accessories or weapons. Tomatohead is a character based on the theme of pizza that several accessories complement such as the special delivery backpack, the night slicer, a weapon in the shape of a pizza wheel or the extra cheese”, a kind of glider resembling melted cheese.


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