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Tomura Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

A strange look

Tomura is represented here with his super-villain costume and more particularly this strange helmet in the shape of a hand hiding a large part of his face as well as the other one hanging on a red cable on the top of his head. We also find his red shoes, his black pants and his black coat flying behind him as well as the other hands hanging on his arm. His skin is pale and his short hair is blue.


A dangerous villain

Tomura Shigaraki is an important character of the manga and the anime My Hero Academia in which almost everyone has an alter giving him superpowers. Tomura is one of the main antagonists. He was the prot?g? of the superhero One for All. He turned against him to merge the super-villain alliance and the super-powered liberation army to show the general public that superheroes are not as reliable as they think. Tomura is particularly dangerous because in addition to being very intelligent, his Disintegration alter is very dangerous since it allows him to disintegrate everything he touches with his hand.


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