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Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

A kawaii version of the mysterious dragon

Toothless has been rather finely represented by Funko. We can see the shape of his head as well as the various elements like the little crest on his forehead or the different protuberances on the sides and the top of his head. His big ears, which do a lot for the expressiveness of the character, are backwards like those of a cat on the prowl. His body being completely black, Funko decided to make an exception and give him the color of the eyes he has in the movie: a bright green, like the eyes of many cats. We can see his very big front legs and his smaller back legs. On the other hand, the tail and the wings have been clearly reduced, probably to stick to the kawaii” style of the Funko figurines but also stupidly to stick to the usual proportions of the collection. Last but not least, the creators of the figurine did not forget his prosthetic tail and the harness created by Hiccup to be able to fly on the back of a dragon!


The dragon cat

Toothless is one of the main characters of the movies Dragons and Dragons 2. Toothless is a Night Fury”, a breed of dragons that stand out because of their blue flames and especially because of their speed and their black color that make them almost invisible. In the first movie, he is wounded by Hiccup, a young viking not really cut out for dragon hunting. Hiccup finds him in the forest but rather than kill him, he decides to try to tame him and even makes him a prosthesis that will help him to fly again. Toothless will have the opportunity to show him that dragons are not the enemies that the Vikings have always believed them to be. Toothless is a very graceful black dragon that was clearly modeled after a feline. He even adopts some cat-like attitudes that are quite amusing in a dragon. He spins in circles before going to sleep, goes crazy over some kind of catnip and likes to stand on high ground to watch his prey or playmates. In the second movie, Toothless and Hiccup are still friends and will have to face new dangers.


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